The Council for Canadian Urbanism would like to share our organization’s support for the recent reinstatement of StatsCan’s long-form census.

We join our voices to the advice given from experts and professionals, including statisticians, economists, urban planners, businesses, public health and anti-poverty groups, researchers and many other groups who depend on the accurate and detailed information and analysis published by StatsCan in order to inform their polices, services, decision-making and advocacy.

As a result of the replacement of the mandatory long-form census with a voluntary National Household Survey in June of 2010, many public and private organizations experienced a erosion in their ability to undertake infrastructure planning, as well as planning around affordable housing, transportation, social services, community economic development, and many other policies and programs that affect the lives of Canadians.

CanU also takes this opportunity to note that the Census must be improved in other areas. Notably, the challenge of thoroughly enumerating neighbourhoods with a socio-economic profile that includes a majority of renters, immigrants, transit users and lower average incomes, must be resolved. In the last two censuses, planning staff in Canada’s major cities noted significant undercounts in those neighbourhoods, which affects the delivery of important programs and services.

As a Canadian organization of professionals, researchers and advocates for the economic, social, and environmental sustainability of cities and communities, CanU wants to publicly commend the recent restoration of the long-form census, knowing that starting in 2016 it will once again enable a more accurate picture of the state of Canadian society, and enable evidence-based decisions and policy-making.

Yours respectfully,

The Council for Canadian Urbanism

PDF link available here: CanU Congratulates Liberals on Mandatory Long Form Census Reinstatement

Check out former CanU Board Member and newly appointed Halifax MP, Andy Fillmore’s reaction to this great news!  

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