Request for Proposals: Review of the City of London Urban Design Service

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Closing Date: May 26, 2017

The City of London is seeking proposal submissions to undertake a service review of the City’s
Urban Design Service. This review in being undertaken with the goal of continual improvement
and is seeking to review, evaluate and provide suggested changes to ensure that the program
 Efficient
 Effective
 Providing customer service excellence
a) Identify what Urban Design service practices and processes are currently working well;
b) Identify what Urban Design practices and processes are not currently working well;
c) Ensure human resources within the Urban Design service are being used most
d) Ensure that the Urban Design Program is effectively integrated into planning and
development processes and public realm design processes from an efficiency,
effectiveness and customer service perspective;
e) Ensure that London’s public and private realm are being developed to an urban design
standard that is competitive with other comparable cities in Ontario and Canada – ie.
that development outcomes are in line with Council’s goals and objectives for design
quality in London
Desired Outcomes:
a) This service review is in the pursuit of continual improvement of urban design policies,
practices and processes
b) Strengths and weaknesses are identified for urban design policies, practices and
processes and improvements are made accordingly
c) City of London Councilors, administration, staff; the development community; and
members of the Public are confident that London’s Urban Design service is being
delivered optimally from an effectiveness, efficiency and customer service perspective
The following is a tentative schedule to assist interested Proponents with the anticipated
schedule (dates and times) of significant events associated with this RFP process, in general.
The City reserves the right to alter the schedule at its sole discretion.