CYU Update, October 2017:

CanU is excited to be in the process of re-populating and re-imagining our Committee for Young Urbanists (CYU). The committee was developed in 2015 to build dialogue between young professional urbanists and support CanU’s goals of improving city building for sustainable healthy and livable cities and communities across Canada.

CYU was comprised of professional urbanists under thirty-five years of age to support CanU’s goal of engaging young urbanists in national action based cross-disciplinary conversations on Canadian urbanism. Past work by the committee includes their inaugural report “The Influence of Canada’s Political Parities on Canadian Urbanism,” released in 2015.

This is a great opportunity to get involved with a fantastic organization dedicated to improving Canadian urbanism through interdisciplinary holistic thinking, and action oriented knowledge sharing and research. This is a unique opportunity to work with highly respected Canadian urbanists and contribute your insights on a national platform.

The Committee’s functions and responsibilities are to: (Currently under review – 2017)

  • Develop an outline for the CanU website on: interdisciplinary urbanism; what each urbanist profession’s skill sets and job types are; what events/organizations represent urbanists across Canada; and information on how to get involved.
  • Develop and coordinate a Young Urbanist panel session for CanU Summits with a focus on young urbanist research, and or information that is pertinent to those wanting to “think and work collaboratively across disciplines for a comprehensive, holistic and multidisciplinary urbanism.” Conduct a panel session with a discussion on proposals for CYU’s next action based research project.
  • Utilize CanU Summit themes, following each Summit to develop an action focussed research project to be completed and reported back on at the next Summit during the Young Urbanist Panel Session. Ensure clear networking opportunities are attached to research and actions that will occur during the project, including: the potential of research critiques from CanU Board members; the opportunity to present the research at the CanU Summit during the CYU panel; and, to have the research highlighted on CanU’s website. This project can be the base of the Young Urbanist Panel Session or be one aspect of the session.
  • Utilize the CanU objective of “fostering learning and discussion about Canadian Urbanism, through university curriculum building, as starting point for discussions around developing CYU activities.
  • Work with members of professional urbanist organizations to develop partnership events at their annual events that highlight cross discipline urbanist approaches to city building.
  • Identify funding opportunities.

If you would like to put your name on the mailing list for CYU please click here.

Thank you for your time and interest!



The Council for Canadian Urbanism

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