We are pleased to report on our activities and progress over the last year and our plan for 2019 and beyond. Over the year, we continued to help advance urban issues across the country including:

  • Ongoing advocacy through social and traditional media;
  • Presenting at and participating in numerous conferences and events including the Mid-Sized Cities Event in London, Ontario (May) and the Canadian Institute of Planners Conference in Winnipeg (July);
  • Providing financial support and contributing to the Working Paper #2: Still Suburban? Growth in Canadian Suburbs, 2006- 2016 by David L.A. Gordon with Lyra Hindrichs and Chris Willms School of Urban and Regional Planning Department of Geography and Planning at Queen’s University in August 2018; and,
  •  Hosting the CanU10 Summit – Fixing our Cities in Montreal which focused on the challenges of the needs to continually invest in our communities.

2018 was also a milestone year for the organisation. CanU welcomed six new board members, and elected a new president. This change brings fresh new opportunities and excitement within the organization.

We would like to thank our former President, Brent Toderian, for all his years of leadership at the helm of CanU. He has been a pillar and has set a solid foundation for the organisation. CanU would clearly not be what it is if it wasn’t for Brent. We would also like to thank our former board members, Pierre St-Cyr, Alain Miguelez, and Alex Taranu for their hard work, dedication, and contributions over the years. Brent, Pierre, Alain, and Alex may not be on the board anymore, but they are not going away and we look forward to continue to work with them. Finally, we would like to thank our sponsors, collaborators, volunteers, board members, and staff who made 2018 a success.

Our goals for 2018 is to continue to build our capacity and forge partnerships to continue our mission to create sustainable, healthy, and livable cities and communities across Canada.

Full Report: 2018 Annual Report | Rapport Annuel 2018


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