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Please click here for the full report (PDF) and click here for the media release (PDF).
Council for Canadian Urbanism
October 16, 2015

BREAKING: Canadian Election – Party Platforms Evaluated Around Building More Successful Canadian Cities

For Immediate Release
From the Council for Canadian Urbanism (CanU)
October 16, 2015

The Council for Canadian Urbanism (CanU) is adding our voice to the many who are advocating for all Canadians to vote on October 19th, and to support national leadership that recognizes the need for strong, successful cities, towns and communities that are economically, socially, and ecologically sustainable.

To evaluate the different urban policies of the Conservative, Green, NDP and Liberal political platforms, towards developing more sustainable outcomes in Canadian cities, towns and communities we have analysed the platforms of the 4 National Parties against the principle factors that support successful Canadian cities.

Our results suggest that 3 of the 4 Parties score well in general across the many factors – the Green, Liberal and NDP Parties. The report outlining our analysis are attached.

Party Platforms were assessed against the following 4 criteria:
1)     Transportation & Infrastructure
2)     Housing
3)     Social & Environmental Health
4)     Data & Information

As an organization, CanU stands ready to assist any Government formed as a result of the impending election. In particular, we would seek to strengthen aspects of platform/policy positions in the areas of transportation and infrastructure, housing, social and environmental health, and information and data.

Our primary source for our analysis was the Party Platforms available on the web. Our secondary sources were the related media releases from press, and non-profit organizations, between the dates of September 21st – October 13th 2015.

Please click here for the full report (PDF) and click here for the media release (PDF).

For More Information:

Contact: CanU President Brent Toderian (City Planner & urbanist, TODERIAN UrbanWORKS; former Chief Planner, City of Vancouver)

Twitter @BrentToderian


















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